“Every human has four endowments - self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom... The power to choose, to respond, to change.”

Stephen Covey


Priscilla Bistoen defines herself a studio photographer who meticulously designs and builds sets to form the universe in which her oeuvre is set.


A child of the seventies and from a creative family, it wasn’t entirely unexpected when exhibiting her early work – Women in a red setting - , freshly graduated from KASK, that Priscilla received critical acclaim and public success.

She continued her path as a stage photographer with ‘Chansons d’Amour’, a series of images in which the spectator feels as if he stepped into a film noir. It’s the sort of work wherein everyone finds their own story and the debate this can generate.

‘Surface’ shows us men, or rather, boys, as they disport themselves in front of the camera. With the constrains of a minimalistic setting and a sensitive way of directing, the photographer brings out the individuality of each model.

With ‘Allumeuse Lumineuse’ we return to women; girls, who seduce the spectator from within their enlightened cages.

After this, comes ‘Les Rendez-Vous Ratés’, an ambiguous series concerning strange turns of events in life.

Her latest body of work ‘Icons’, shows us children on the threshold of adulthood.


Priscilla Bistoen is always formulating and working on new material so please contact her to discuss how she can help.

Working out of her well equipped studio in the heart of the cultural city of Ghent, Priscilla has the scope and room to create a myriad of imagined worlds in which to perform the potential of her creative will. Subjects are immersed in this environment, their potential and rapport with the photographer becomes a decisive factor in the building of a layered canvas of imagination, symbolism and true style.

Priscilla welcomes commissions from private and commercial clients, working in a personable and professional manner to realise their ideas. The dreams are theirs, the details hers…


Priscilla Bistoen teaches photography at the respected 300 year old Academy of Fine Arts in Bruges, she gives inspiring workshops as a freelance teacher and is an active member of the awards panel.









Priscilla Bistoen